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"How I succeeded after having lost everything"

I firmly believe that the song "He Gives Something" will help many girls and women all over the world to find their way back after having lost everything and to go on a better direction. Indeed, to tell you a little bit about my story, in 2014 I lived through tragic, disturbing and dangerous experiences in the United States including sexual harassment and loss of a job that I considered important. I lived with false friends who wanted to make me discover dark arts. Then, I suffered domestic violence and a murder attempt.  In addition to being abandoned and having my life threatened, I was housed, fed and protected in a homeless shelter for two months. Unfortunately, being depressed and in the early stage of becoming a substance abuser, it was difficult to find a job in my state of mind. With no money I was almost on the street. I was desperate and prayed to God everyday to help me. Suddenly, the grace of God appeared to me by the meeting of a young man on a bus who was returning from a Bible study. A meeting which in the end brought me back to the church. The rest is history. My life has changed from night to day. This is why I have the pleasure today to present to you "He Gives Something" a song written in English, which testifies to the love of God in my life: How I succeeded after having lost everything. So, after repenting and accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior in my life at the end of 2014, Jesus gave me something that I hope you will get also with the guarantee that no one will take it from you. He gave me something that turned me into a princess.

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